Rethinking origami as ‘Folding Paper’ / Sacramento Press

Miri Golan’s “Two Books,” (left) and Vincent Floderer’s “Clitocybe” (right) If you think of frogs or birds when someone mentions origami, then perhaps you need to visit the new exhibit, “Folding Paper: the Infinite Possibilities of Origami,” at the Crocker Art Museum, where you’ll see some frogs and some birds, but you’ll also see pieces… Continue reading Rethinking origami as ‘Folding Paper’ / Sacramento Press

Poem: Breathing Peace

Breathing Peace Breath as a bridge, reaching to re-connect a divided self. Bridges as stitches across the gaping wound that pulls apart. In separating, a sense of longing is arbitrarily created. Conscious breathing, sharpening awareness like a blade across stone, penetrates ignorance, pierces the divisions, until unity reigns again. With pure awareness throughout breathing, space… Continue reading Poem: Breathing Peace