Meditation Instruction

Moving Meditation, Sound Meditation, Visualization and Mindfulness.

Meditation 101

A  four week experiential introduction to answer the question: What is meditation?

Modern Research shows many physiological, mental and emotional benefits to meditating.

This four week course will introduce you to 16 techniques from different traditions so that you can discover for yourself which kind of meditation is best suited to you.

These techniques fall into the four basic categories of meditation: Moving Meditation, Sound Meditation, Visualization and Mindfulness. 

Handbook and Guided Meditation Downloads supplied.

Unwind Your Mind

3 hour intensive introduction to techniques clear and calm your mind.

This class is designed to give an intensive overview of meditation techniques such as breathing techniques, guided meditation, chanting, self observation and QiGong.

Movement and Mindfulness

A full day course designed to deepen your experience of meditation and answer the question:
What does meditation feel like?

Meditation practice improves balance, mental focus and endurance as well as creating clarity and inner peace, neutralizing negative emotions.

In this 6 hour class we will experience the benefits of mindful movement alternating with mindful stillness. Discussion includes a review of some modern research on the benefits of Moving Meditation.

Learning alongside friends and family helps to encourage practice.

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Guided Meditation Tracks

Unwind your Mind Meditation CD
Two Minute Breathing Techniques
Work up to 20 minutes of Mindfulness
Start by learning to sit properly