Meditation Courses and Resources

Meditation Courses with Karah

How I teach meditation

I have structured my meditation courses to be a very basic introduction to the physiology and practical experience of the different styles of meditation. 

I find that when beginning meditation, trying to learn history and theory tends to over stimulate the mind and can be counter-productive!   (There is time during breaks or after class for any questions that do arise.

Once you decide what kind of meditation you enjoy, you will be able to find local and global resources available for you to continue your own exploration.

Meditation Research and Resources

What is the Best Meditation? 

Research confirms“the importance of selecting a meditation method that is most comfortable to the new meditator, not the one that is currently the most popular. Choosing the one you are most comfortable with increases the likelihood that you will stick with it, says Adam Burke, the author of the study and a professor of health education at San Francisco State University.”Read More

Guided Meditation Tracks

Unwind your Mind Meditation CD
Two Minute Breathing Techniques
Work up to 20 minutes of Mindfulness
Start by learning to sit properly