Qigong Courses

What is Qigong?

The term “Qi” or “Ki” is the East Asian term for the force of life that flows through all living things. “Gong” is the term for “Work” or “Practice”. When we do QiGong, we practice moving the force of life through us. This movement is healing, corrective, calming and regenerative. Read more about the Qigong Forms below.

I began practicing Qigong in 2002 as part of my Clinical Master’s degree in East Asian Medicine. It is how we regenerate and prepare ourselves to heal others. I have continued studying with Master Liu He through the Ling Gui International Qigong School.

Cherry Blossom Meditation

Each flower has 5 petals representing:
-Smooth Transitions
-and Luck.

Together, these petals bring a full blossom of Love.

The Cherry Blossom is a timeless metaphor for human existence. Tied to East Asian cultures, the cherry tree blooms first of all flowering trees, representing courage and mindfulness, reminding us to live in the present. The fragrance of cherry blossoms is said to heal the internal cold of winter.

Thousand Hands Buddha Qigong Form

The effect is fourfold:
-Removing Suffering
-Fortifying Energy
-Calming the Heart
-Helping the Spirit attain Wisdom.

Ling Gui International Qigong School

Experience calmness through movements and hand positions called mudras which are learned and practiced by Buddhists and depicted in historical artwork throughout Asia.  

This Liu Family Qigong form is practiced in a seated position, suitable for all ages (beginning at age 7) and typically takes between six and eight hours to learn.

The method is known to prevent the heart from “galloping away” helping one to overcome stress and maintain the memory. This form is considered a superior spiritual healing Qigong method gently leading the practitioner into a deepening state of silence and peace, a little at a time. 

Movement and Mindfulness

A full day course designed to deepen your experience of meditation and answer the question: What does moving meditation feel like?

Meditation practice improves balance, mental focus and endurance as well as creating clarity and inner peace, neutralizing negative emotions.

In this class we will experience the benefits of mindful movement alternating with mindful stillness. Discussion includes a review of some modern research on the benefits of Moving Meditation.

Learning alongside friends and family helps to encourage practice.

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Guided Meditation Tracks

Unwind your Mind Meditation CD
Two Minute Breathing Techniques
Work up to 20 minutes of Mindfulness
Start by learning to sit properly

Along with teaching Qigong and Moving Meditation,
I teach beginning meditation courses exploring
the 4 branches of Qigong Meditation:
Movement, Sound, Visualization and Mindfulness.