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A parent caring for a child with a rare disease, disability, chronic or genetic illness is a parent with a unique experience and a very special purpose in life.

Karah Pino, author of The Adaptive Parent Workbook

Meet Adaptive Parent, Karah Pino, MAcOM
Specializing in Pediatric Acupressure, Medical Qigong and Meditation for Families, and Wellness Restoration through Indigenous Healing

When my son was 9 months old, he had a stroke-like seizure out of the blue. After a terrifying and confusing hospital stay he was diagnosed with an extremely rare, debilitating and often fatal disease. 

I was left on my own to grapple with researching this terrifying diagnosis for my child until the next available neurology appointment four months later.

Once the reality of the diagnosis sunk in, I left my acupuncture practice to focus all my attention, love and training in Holistic and Natural Healing modalities to give my child the best life possible for whatever time we had together.

We incorporated East Asian Medicine modalities such as Acupressure, Herbs, Medical Qigong, Naturopathy and other Natural Healing and Indigenous Wisdom into our daily life and found the many small joys in living through the struggle.

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The Adaptive Parent Newsletter:
Supporting Parents with Chronically Ill Children to:

  • Adapt to their child’s special needs
  • Team with medical providers and educators
  • Track symptoms and notice patterns
  • Design a home treatment plan
  • Safely explore natural therapies
  • Learn healing techniques to use at home
  • Reduce stress and find joy

The Adaptive Parent Workbook
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