Quick Tips for Beginning Meditators

Meditation, as you may have heard, is a wonderful practice for Mind, Body and Spirit, but it is not easy to master.  Like anything, it will take awhile to learn how to clear your mind and fit a practice into your life.  If it were easy, everyone would do it all the time!  Be patient with yourself and remember that even experienced meditators have to begin at the same place you do and with practice, it will become easier for you, too.

Things to Avoid during Meditation:

  • Potential distractions such as a possibility of being interrupted
  • A Full Stomach
  • Over or Under Hydration
  • Meditating when too tired
  • Expecting too much to happen at first

Things to Try:  

  • Different Seated positions
  • A pillow behind your low back
  • A pillow under your feet if sitting in a chair or under knees if cross-legged
  • Sitting at the front edge of your chair
  • Sitting with back against the wall
  • Coffee or Tea to keep the mind awake while the body relaxes

Remember to be patient with yourself.  As with any new skill, Meditation is best learned with the support of a teacher that you respect and trust and will be more quickly learned with daily practice.  Practicing a simple awareness of your breath is a good place to start and can be done anywhere and anytime without changing anything.

Next: Tips for incorporating meditation into your daily life.



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