Sacred Shadow Self

Paper Installation: Meditation as Art at Ryan James Gallery in Bellevue until Wednesday

Wonderful discussion about Meditation as Art and Art as Meditation

Part of the Play and Creativity Series with Mary Alice Long of Play=Peace


From The Ryan James Gallery Facebook Page:

Installation, discussion and play at Ryan James Gallery in Bellevue.

Art + Meditation with Artist Karah Pino and in partnership with Play=Peace

Photos: 37


Art from the Heart: The Sacred Shadow Self moves to the Ryan James Gallery in Bellevue!

Meditation as Art Performance this Friday, July 5th 7-9pm

The Sacred Shadow Self will be displayed as part of the Play and Creativity Series by Mary Alice Long of Play=Peace at the Ryan James Gallery in Bellevue.

Sacred Shadow Self Meditation as Art performance

Sacred Shadow Self Meditation as Art performance

Closing Night The Sacred Shadow Self: This Friday 7-10PM Mind Unwind Gallery

It has been an amazing month.  Thank you so much for all your support!

You are invited to attend the closing night celebration with performances and cupcakes!

(It’s my birthday party!!)

SSS FB Cover flat copy

Mind Unwind Gallery

2206A California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 849-7222

Opening Night of “The Sacred Shadow Self” – photo gallery

First of all, thanks to all the amazing helpers who have shown up to assist me with The Sacred Shadow Self: Meditation as Art

Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.  I needed help watching my son so I could prepare, help with installing the wall sized pieces, help filling the gallery with amazing artwork, help with photo copying, help with performances and taking photos and videos during the performances and help to stay awake at work!  The magnitude of help I needed strikes me at how this kind of installation is more of a community event and how much more powerful and encompassing this exhibit has been.  In a way, that level of participation is also reflective of the meaning behind the installation.  The Sacredness that comes from the original source that brings us all back to our collective origins is the same sacredness that is manifested in our precious SELF.  Thank you.

Here are a few photos from the opening night:

Sacred Shadow Self Opening Performance Tomorrow: Anonymous. Spontaneous. Dance. Meditation

The Anonymous Spontaneous Dancer reveals herself:

When Karah Pino first asked me to be part of The Sacred Shadow Self I was hesitant to say yes because I am in a “non-performance state”, a state of creative development, and quiet reflection.

My Mother almost passed away three times in the last several months and I had been doing a lot of advanced grieving, introspection and forgiveness work during that time and to be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by my own shadow self and all I wanted to do was escape into the lighter side of things.

I knew I would ultimately say yes though because Karah is a spiritual sister and when she appears in my life there is always a positive lesson attached.

So yes. I will be there, with my veil on, I will be there, hidden amongst the crowd and yet obvious to the eyes of anyone who is present. I will be a shadow of my self, a ghost of sorts, a fraction of who I am. I am not entirely sure what I will be doing but maybe I will see you through the veil. And maybe you will see me.

Anonymous Dancer

Karah Pino in Mindful Meditation and the Anonymous Dancer will end the Opening performances at 8:30pm during Artwalk.

Karahs sacred shadowMind Unwind Gallery

2206A California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 849-7222

Sacred Shadow Self: Mandala Installation with Gratitude

A Circle of She: photo(5)

Thank you thank you thank you to the beautiful and inspiring Lady Wise Women’s Collective who helped birth the giant Mandala, interpreting my smaller tests!

There was not space enough in my studio to put the piece together, so I couldn’t make the final cuts and folds until we had it in the gallery.  I couldn’t have done it without the assistance of their loving hands!

The Sacred Shadow Self: Meditation as Art ~ an interactive art installation including live meditation performances and featuring two youth origami artists opening June 2013 at Mind Unwind Gallery ~ West Seattle Opens Thursday, June 13th Artwalk in West Seattle.  Meditation performances begin at 7pm.

Sacred Shadow Self Featuring Youth Origami Artists Cole Durnwirth and Caroline Byrne

I am so excited and honored to be joined by two brilliant young artists this June at Mind Unwind Gallery!

Having the addition of their presentation and origami contribution enriches the exhibit and extends it beyond my own capacity.  The Origami Seascape emphasizes the intention behind The Sacred Shadow Self  to encourage viewers to reach deeper into themselves and remember the excitement and impassioned investigation that is inspired by the instigating sparks of our own passions.  It seems all to easy to forget that vital force of life in our busy lives.

Remembering and sharing that excitement is what I see as my job an an artist.  I feel very lucky and honored to be sharing this time and space with two brilliant young artists also inspired by origami!  Bringing together their contributions into the same wall was magical.  Enjoy!photo 4

Origami Seascape

Cole Durnwirth is a 9 year old origami artist from West Seattle.  He started folding at age 5 after he saw the documentary Between the Folds.  For this exhibit he has contributed “Albatross II” a life-sized 11 ½ foot long origami Albatross folded from one sheet of paper.  A practice sketch is also hanging.
Media:  Art paper.  Classic Origami Construction from a single sheet

Caroline Byrne lives in Seattle, is 9 years old and is in the 3rd grade.  She first became interested in origami in preschool when they made paper hats and fortune tellers.  Then in Kindergarten she was inspired by the 1,000 paper cranes project that the 3rd creates each year.  That Christmas she asked for origami paper and Santa delivered.  Caroline has been experimenting with origami ever since.  Her favorite thing about origami is seeing a flat piece of paper turn into a piece of art.  Her contribution to this installation are sea anemones.  This origami is her own creation and was inspired by origami chrysanthemums.  Caroline also loves experimenting with many different types of materials to create unique works of art.  She hopes to be an artist when she grows up.
Media: Art paper.  Modular Origami Construction with 10, 8 and 6 interlocking sheets.

Karah Pino became interested in origami in the 4th grade when she learned to make boxes at school.  That Christmas she and her family did a factory line, making 100’s of boxes out of old Christmas cards.  After graduating art school in 1998, she began to teach Origami as part of an after school program and was challenged by the excitement of the kids to learn more to teach them.  Her love of origami comes from her enjoyment of mathematics, geometry and engineering expressed in art.  Her contribution to the Origami Wall is a free formed Cloud Maker which produces a cloud shape in its shadow.

You are  invited to appreciate the Origami Seascape through the entire month of June at Mind Unwind Gallery in West Seattle.  Meet the Origami Artists during Artwalk on June 13th from 5-7pm during the Youth Origami Invitational.

Sacred Shadow Studio Update #4: Layering the Mandala

I looked at  many different shapes, these are just a few I chose to consider for this mandala.

Exploring Mandala Shapes:

Mandala Tests

Mandala Test Shapes

Looking at layering:

Final choice:

Mandala Three Layers

Mandala Three Layers


Mandala Detail

Mandala Detail

Sacred Shadow Studio Update #3: “Rainbow Mandala” Paper Breaks Scissors

Here’s a small study of what will be a wall-sized Mandala with glints of Refracted Light:

Rainbow Mandala Test copy

Rainbow Mandala Wall and Performance Area

Rainbow Mandala Wall and Performance Area

And this is what happens when you use small scissors to fold and cut lots and lots of thickly folded


Broken Scissors

Paper breaks Scissors

I upgraded to new fancy titanium blades with molded handle scissors at Utrecht Art Supplies and found out they’ve been bought by Blick. Hmmmm…

Here’s the study for the show title.  I’m still working on my “SELF” (HA!):

Sacred Shadow title study

I’m still working on my “SELF”

Down to the wire, now, my friends. I’m curious to see if I’ll pull this all off. 🙂

See how it all comes together starting June4th at Mind Unwind Gallery with the opening Artwalk June 13th and Closing June 28th.  See more Sacred Shadow Studio updates and read the Artist Statement.