Unwind your Mind

Techniques to help clear and open your mind.

This 3 hour intensive is chock full of tips for discovering your meditation practice.

Unwind your Mind
Meditation classes and CD

Gain a quick overview of different kinds of meditation practices so that you can discover for yourself the benefits of meditation and choose the style best suited to you.

This class is designed to give an overview of the types of different techniques to people newly interested in meditation.  The four categories of meditation techniques are: Mindfulness, Visualization techniques, Sound techniques and Movement techniques.  The types of techniques introduced in the three hour class include breathing techniques, guided meditation, chanting, self observation and QiGong.

Taught by Karah Pino, MAcOM

Listen to the Intro track to the Unwind your Mind CD:

This course includes CD & handbook for your new practice

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Karah Pino, MAcOM is the creator and instructor of Unwind your Mind.
CD is Also available for sale separately.
Unwind your Mind Meditation CD
Meditation Instruction CD


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