Art for Kids

Get Creative! Math, Science and Critical Thinking through Art

Origami and STEM Enrichment

Geo-rigami –  Apply the language and principles of Geometry and math through paper-folding. Ages 7-12 – 1 hour

Art-gebra – Learn Algebra and other principles of mathematics as a creative process through wordplay and visual exploration.  Ages 13-18 – 1 hour

Fly-sics – Explore aerodynamics, force, mass and acceleration through the creative arts,.  Ages 7-12 or 13-18 – 1 hour!

Pop Up Adventure Play0316131612 – Recycled Art!

The art of Creative Play can be done with anything!  Found objects, wire, folded paper, boxes, paper tubes, industrial scraps, fabric, string.  With some glue, tape and crayons, you can have endless playtime!  Critical thinking, co-operation and re-inforcement of Creative Development through free play using recyclables, found objects and natural materials.  All ages – 2 hours


Drawing Mandalas – Meditative Art!

Mandala, sanskrit for Circle, is a fun meditation on plants, animals and geometric shapes! Color your own Mandalas and turn them into shrinky-dink pendants, earrings or bracelets.

Get Creative! Family Collaboration ProjectsMU-Family-Collaboration-fro

A fun way for the whole family to unwind and practice working smoothly together toward a common goal!  Create an art project together using the principles of a collaborative process called sociocracy.  All Ages – 2 hours



My son had the pleasure of attending Karah Pino’s origami class last spring. She possesses a high level skill as an origami instructor, and has a definite strength in relating to students. She is very positive and encouraging and always interested in going the extra mile to help. The projects she presented were not only educational, but engaging and fun. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Karah Pino’s classes. -GD

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