Christmas Giving Top 10 Good News of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Employees Donate From Paychecks for 6 Months to Help Strangers
    A group of 55 employees donated money from their paychecks for six months to buy a wheelchair accessible van for someone they didn’t even know, a family of seven who has a little boy with a rare genetic disorder. They surprised the family with a big, new MV-1 parked outside their home two days before Thanksgiving.
  2. She Invented Amazing Car That Wheelchair Users Can Just Drive Away
    A woman in a wheelchair wanted to help people like her to become more independent, so she designed and is now manufacturing an innovative electric car that provides easy access and drivability, without ever getting out of your chair. Stacy Zoern, an attorney in Texas, quit her job to build her new company, Kenguru.
  3. Troopers Drive 87-year-old Across Utah to See Her Ailing Son
    An 87-year-old woman rushing to see her son, who was in critical condition in a Salt Lake City hospital 350 miles away, got pulled over for a traffic violation by a Utah State Trooper — and then she backed her vehicle into his patrol car. It turned out to be a blessing for the white-haired mother, and one that set off a chain reaction of professional courtesy.
  4. ‘You’ve Gotta Be Kidding,’ Server Told Man Who Replaced Her Old Car
    Her car was barely drivable after multiple run-ins with deer on roadways, but as a server at the Cracker Barrel restaurant, she didn’t know how she would pay for repairs. Then, her boss asked her to drop her tray and come outside. A couple from Arkansas who’d seen her come to work in the shabby car was standing next to a silver Ford with a red bow on it.
  5. Generous Stranger Pays Off Every Layaway Debt at Toys-R-Us
    At the Toys-R-Us store in Bellingham, Massachusetts a complete stranger became an angel for 154 customers. A woman this week walked into the store and told a cashier she wanted to pay off a layaway balance. "Which one?" she was asked. "All of them," she replied. For a total of $20,000.
  6. Tortoise Fitted With Lego Scooter to Help Him Walk
    Not content to see him living in a terrarium, a German pet owner took her tortoise to a veterinarian when he was having mobility issues. The doctor used Legos belonging to his son to fashion a temporary device with wheels to help the animal propel himself forward. (WATCH)
  7. Kind Off-duty Cop Takes Elderly Widow on Her Weekly Shopping Trips
    Officer John Holder and a 73-year-old widow formed an unlikely friendship six months ago, after multiple surgeries left her recovering on her own. Every week, the cop, who is white, took the black woman to doctors appointments and to run errands, mostly while off-duty. No one knew about this until a shopper snapped a photo and it went viral.
  8. Tampa Lawyer Holds Contest to Give Free Home to Family in Need
    A Florida attorney who helps families fight foreclosure, wants to help a family in a major way this holiday season. Mark Stopa plans to give away a home to a Florida family in need.
  9. Company Gives Boy Who Loves UPS a Mini Brown Truck to Drive
    A 4-year-old Colorado boy who is crazy about trucks, for some reason became enthralled with the big brown delivery truck and the UPS driver, "Mr. Ernie." A strong bond of friendship grew to the point where the boy would hear the truck coming and be waiting on the curb, each time with the same wild excitement. Recently the man in brown delivered a dream come true for the boy. (MUST-SEE Video)
  10. Ala Police Deliver 2 Truckloads of Groceries to Woman Who Stole Eggs
    An Alabama police officer is being hailed for his kindness after he not only bought the eggs that a woman tried stealing to feed her family, but surprised her at home with two truck loads of groceries. (Video)

Top Video: Cops Pull Over Drivers to Give Them Gifts On Their Wish Lists

A Michigan police department used a hidden microphone to summon Christmas presents out of thin air during traffic stops with unsuspecting motorists. And the video is so beautiful, you’ll want to hug your screen. The shocked looks on people’s faces when they realize they are not getting a ticket, and instead see gifts appear from their shopping lists, is amazing.
(This had us crying for joy!)

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