Top 10 Good News of the Week :) Curry Power: Turmeric Compound Boosts Brain Cell Growth

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be able to view a full lunar eclipse tomorrow. Called a "Blood Moon", it will appear early Wednesday morning for North Americans and in the evening for Australians and East Asians. Check out the times here (and see the April eclipse photo by Christian Ronnel). Happy Full Moon in Aries! xxoo – Geri


Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Quadriplegic’s Recovery Could be a Medical Breakthrough
    Russ Evans, 25, was a quadriplegic 10 weeks ago, the former athlete can now move his feet, fingers and arms. He received a drug that may be a breakthrough for treating spinal injuries.
  2. Instead of Issuing a Ticket, Michigan Cop Buys Car Seat for Family
    When a family in Battle Creek, Michigan couldn’t pay their bills after falling on hard times, their car was repossessed with the daughter’s booster seat still inside. While traveling in a friend’s car, the young mom was pulled over by an Emmett Township officer. After hearing her story, instead of writing a ticket, he told her to follow him to a Walmart, and bought her a new car seat. (w/ Video)
  3. Football Star More Proud of His Reading Than His Playing
    One of the best wide receivers in US college football met Kathy Rackley by chance at a bookstore. She had no idea who he was and began telling him about her book club. Malcolm Mitchell, who was trying to improve his reading skills, insisted on joining, even though the club members were all older women. (Great Video)
  4. Scientists Create Crystal That Would Allow You to Breathe Underwater
    Bulky oxygen tanks and face masks may no longer be needed to breathe underwater, thanks to the creation of the "Aquaman Crystal" at the University of Southern Denmark. Just one spoon of the substance is enough to store all the oxygen in a room and then release it again when and where it is needed.
  5. London’s Red Phone Box Goes Green as Solar Charging Station
    Some of London’s iconic red telephone boxes are being transformed into free solar-powered mobile phone charging stations painted green, the brainchild of two graduates of the London School of Economics.
  6. Curry Power: Turmeric Compound Boosts Brain Cell Growth
    Scientists have found that a chemical component in the spice turmeric–commonly used in Indian cuisine and curries–increases the regeneration of new brain neurons. Previous studies have shown that a chemical found in turmeric and curry has anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that may be useful in treating a variety of diseases.
  7. The First Ever Baby Born to a Woman After Uterus Transplant
    In a historic first, a baby was born to a woman after she received a womb transplant from a post-menopausal donor, the successful outcome of a fertility project at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.
  8. Firefighters’ Simple Act of Kindness Helps Elderly Woman Stay Safe
    After responding to a call on September 20 to assist an elderly resident who had fallen in her yard, a crew from City of Santa Barbara Fire Department had an idea of how to prevent future tumbles. The Mesa, California woman tripped on the the overgrown shrubs lining the walkway, so Engine #6 returned a few days later to do some yard work.
  9. High School Football Coach Loans Quarterback to the Opposing Team
    When a Brandon, Mississippi high school football team lost their quarterback to injury during a game, the opponents’ coach offered up one of his own quarterbacks, who led them back from a 21-0 deficit with 2 touchdowns, demonstrating sportsmanship to everyone on the field and stands. (w/ Video)
  10. Baby Elephant Falls in a Ditch – Herd Races to the Rescue
    A cute video captured by visitors to the Switzerland zoo in Zurich shows a two-month-old baby elephant falling into a ditch. She can’t get up, but within seconds, the adult herd rushes to her aid, turning her upright like a toy.

Top Video: World’s First Surviving Panda Triplets Thrive in China

The world’s only surviving panda triplets to be born in captivity are now out of danger having reached the two-month-old mark. They are growing quickly — and more cute — every day. [This photo shows them at just 1 month old.]

(Watch them visit with the Today show)

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