FALLING INWARD ~ An Autumn Yoga and Meditation Retreat ~ Doe Bay Resort, Orcus Island, Nov 1-3, 2013

Take a quick retreat from your daily rhythms and connect with your Creative Spirit!!


Fall Leaves Light

This three day journey ~ Falling Inward ~ will bring you into strong alignment with the Fall season

Seasonal change is happening. Autumn is visible in our outer world and resonates equally in our own inner landscape. The shift in temperature, sunlight, and foliage indicate transitions in the earth’s natural cycle. We too shift into a new mind/body rhythm with the change in seasons. Create your inner vision to work with the gifts of Fall and Winter.and ignite the flame of purpose and meaning in your life through greater connection to seasonal energies.

Can you feel this Eco-rhythm emerging? Rather than lose your creative energy to the fading summer’s light, can you connect more fully to the changes within and without you?


Fall Leaves Circle


Strengthen, align and balance your mind, body and spirit to the Fall energies.

Bring clarity to your personal vision for the fall/winter season with directed morning and evening meditations. Create balance in your energy centers (chakras) with daily yoga. Open up your creative channels to carry you through the Fall/Winter season. Meditate, walk, journal, create art, kayak, explore, write poetry, or photograph the amazing natural surroundings!

Click for full RETREAT SCHEDULE 

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