Paintings by 3-yo Girl Have the Art World Enchanted; Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Teen Creates Flashlight that Runs on Body Heat
    Thanks to social media’s love of science fair winners, we are hearing more stories these days about teenagers inventing marvelous machines and making scientific breakthroughs. This year, one of the top 15 finalists in the Google Science Fair, a 15-year-old Canadian girl, has invented a thermoelectric flashlight that is powered solely from the heat in your hand.
  2. These Paintings by a 3-Year-old Girl Have the Art World Enchanted Here’s another story about a 3-year-old diagnosed with autism. She hadn’t been performing the normal tasks like speaking, playing, and interacting with others, but beneath the facade is a mind and personality busy with other talents. Reminiscent of Monet, Iris Grace Halmshaw’s ethereal artwork has amazed not only her parents, but others who have looked at her work. Inquiries to buy her paintings flooded in. Her first sale, a framed print, sold at a charity auction for $1200.
  3. Newark Mayor Cory Booker Rescues Dog After Seeing Twitter Message
    The Mayor of Newark, N.J. has saved another dog — after getting a Tweet from someone reporting that the dog was locked in a small crate. Cory Booker responded to the tweet on Thursday and traveled to the scene to investigate.
  4. Russian Billionaire Gives Away $3 Mil Bonus to Staff
    In his fourth year as CEO for Rusal Aluminum, rather than accept a bonus for himself, Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska will use the money to reward his employees. The CEO is using his $3 million bonus to buy shares for around 120 employees.
  5. Kids Find 20,000-Year-old Mastodon Tooth in Iowa Creek
    Four Iowa kids exploring a cool creek found a huge 20,000-year-old mastodon tooth turned upside-down like a rock beneath the water.
  6. Solar-powered Plane Crosses US Without Drop of Fuel – Next the World
    Solar Impulse has had a long journey since May 3, when the manned plane began its first flight across the U.S., flying day and night without a single drop of fuel. At 11:09 p.m. local time Saturday the plane reached the East Coast, but the adventure, which started as an idea in Switzerland, will continue to inspire the world.
  7. Woman’s Vision for Peace Park Sealed w/ New Spinning Peace Wheel

    A decade after Julie Caldwell had the initial inspiration to build a peace park in Elko, Nevada, the community is spinning the park’s final installation, a hand-crafted 3000 pound Universal Peace Wheel, which is filled with thousands of hand-written notes and printed mantras collected by volunteers, and sent in, from people wishing for peace.

  8. Teen Wins $50K for Making Plastic Out of Banana Peels A 16-year-old girl from Istanbul, Turkey spent two years perfecting a plastic created from banana peels, substituting fruit waste for the typical petroleum base. On Thursday, Elif Bilgin’s idea paid off when Scientific American named her the winner of its $50,000 Science in Action prize.
  9. Matthew Perry Turns His Oceanfront House Into Rehab Residence
    After the finale of Friends in 2004, Matthew Perry has been in and out of rehab programs trying to overcome addiction to alcohol and pain medication. Now sober, Perry is on a mission to help other addicts find a path to recovery.
  10. Cleveland Kidnap Victims Thank the Public in Inspiring Video

    In a brilliant example of resilience, three women who were held hostage in a house in Cleveland, Ohio for more than a decade have spoken out for the first time, posting a thank-you video on YouTube. They thanked the public for the donations and support that have allowed them to start new lives. More than $1 million has been donated to The Cleveland Courage Fund for the three young women.

Video of the Week: The Most Patriotic Response to Families’ Ultimate Sacrifice: a Touching Gift in the Mail

Three years after the Panchots received the ultimate bad news delivered on their doorstep by two soldiers, a compassionate response from a stranger arrived via FedEx truck, essentially delivering the memory of their son Dale, back home. There’s definitely a lot of love going in that box, says goat rancher and artist, Kaziah Hancock. She started Project Compassion, a fund that helps provide personal hand-painted portraits of soldiers killed in action. (So Their Faces Will Never be Forgotten)

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