Barbara Marx Hubbard and John Perkins in Seattle Sept 10 at Om Culture

The Evolutionary Vantage Point:
Awakening Our Leadership Potential and Our Collective Heart
Designing Our Future from the Inside Out

When: September 10, 2012 from 5-9 pm; doors open at 4 pm
Where: OM Culture, 2210 N. Pacific Street, Seattle, WA
Cost: $5-20 donation
Dinner: Please bring healthy food for community potluck

What Are the New Memes for a Fertile Future?
Discovering Shared Purpose and Connecting More of the Dots!

On Monday, September 10, join together with other community leaders, artists and innovators to explore the pressing questions and ideas shaping the future of our city and our world. Coming from an evolutionary perspective, we seek to discover more of our collective potential and our shared purpose as a City and Community. It’s clear to everyone that we are living in powerful times, full of uncertainty and vast potential. What is needed to help us navigate through this time? If we are in the ‘Chrysalis Stage’ of a global transformation process, what does it mean for us to fully show up?

JOINING US for the evening are two truly amazing Global Luminaries AND Wise Elders — Barbara Marx Hubbard, who Deepak Chopra calls ‘the voice for Conscious Evolution,” and John Perkins, the author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and several books on shamanism (full bios below). They will provide inspiration, wisdom and essential knowledge. It is an honor to have them with us.

WE’LL EXPLORE TOGETHER, through a dynamic evening of dialogue, play, reflection and FUN the outlines of a Co-Creative Society:

• Cosmogenesis – What is the new story and metanarrative from the largest perspective possible?
• Crises – Learn how crises precede transformation and discover the social implications for co-creation and collaboration.
• Capabilities – Discover more about our New Capabilities and how we can unleash our greatest Creativity.
• Cultivate Collaboration on a regional level.
• Showcase & Map What’s Working and emerging in our community using the Wheel of Co-Creation.

“The crises of our time are evolutionary drivers that spur us to evolve beyond where we are today. Right now our whole social system is withering, leadership is faltering and failing, and problems are escalating exponentially, giving us very little time to change. At the same moment, millions of pioneering souls are seeking a higher order of life, that is, NEW STRUCTURES and not just new projects. They are searching out or they are creating new systems and innovations in health, education, environment, energy and business. In the great 13.7-billion-year tradition of nature itself, these innovations are creating the conditions for an evolutionary leap. They are creating what the complexity theorists call a ‘strange attractor’ toward a higher order culture. This attractor – which offers greater consciousness, freedom and compassion – is emerging subtly everywhere, but is not yet coordinated, connected or visible. We have not yet ‘connected the dots.'”

PLEASE SHARE THIS INVITATION with your friends, colleagues and those curious about what it will take to step into a thriving future.

Please RSVP on FaceBook, bring comfy clothes and healthy food for the potluck, and be ready to Receive, Discover, Engage and Meet other like-minded-hearted friends!

For More Info:
Please email Sheri at sheri or call 206-371-4874.

We want to thank our co-sponsors for this evening – Whidbey GeoDome Project, New Stories, and Nomad University. Also deep gratitude to Michael Suzerris with OM Culture for his always-present support to the Community!

By Karah Pino

A versatile communicator, critical thinker and far sighted problem solver. Trained in creative thinking with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art including Metalwork, Multimedia Sculpture and Digital Design. Earned a clinical Master’s degree in East Asian Medical Practices and Principles such as holistic creativity and nature based systems. Trained in shamanism, trauma recovery, naturopathy and indigenous wisdom through Navajo Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis, learning the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process for wellness restoration and harmonious living.

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