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Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Aaron’s Dying Wish: Family Leaves $500 Tip for a Pizza
    A dying man’s last wish was to impact a stranger, to make their day with a lasting gift. While alive, 30-year-old Aaron Collins didn’t have the means to make it happen. After his death, Aaron’s family set about to fulfill his wish in a local cafe: Ordering a pizza, they gave the waitress a $500 tip, and videotaped her reaction.
  2. Family Finds Old Baseball Cards in Mint Shape, May Fetch Millions A 51-year-old man was cleaning out the contents of an old house that belonged to his grandfather and found a soot-covered box that had been tucked away in the attic. Inside he found hundreds of new baseball cards bundled with twine, including 16 mint-condition ‘Ty Cobbs’. They remained untouched for a century, making them perhaps the most significant sports card find in history.
  3. Reverse Begging: Man Gives Away Money at Intersection (Video)
    Many drivers commonly see homeless people carrying cardboard signs asking for money at intersections, but commuters who passed Doug Eaton on Wednesday were instead surprised that he was handing out money. In honor of his 65th birthday, he decided to distribute free money to people, advertising his giveaway with a hand-painted sign that read: Do you need a few bucks for some coffee?
  4. 13-yo Recycles Cooking Grease into Heating Oil for Needy Families

    After reading an article in the local newspaper, Cassandra Lin discovered that many residents could not afford to heat their homes. Inspired to do something, she formed a team of seventh graders to recycle waste cooking oil and turn it into biofuel for distribution to needy families. They collected 36,000 gallons in one year.

  5. Ships Permanently Rerouted to Save Whales in San Francisco Bay
    Federal maritime officials have approved a plan to protect whales in and around San Francisco Bay. Shipping industry representatives joined with whale researchers to establish new cargo lanes that will protect blue whales, the largest marine mammal, in their feeding grounds outside one of the busiest ports in the world.
  6. Man Plants Heart-shaped Tribute to Late Wife Using 6000 Oak Trees
    A bereaved husband painstakingly planted a tribute to his late wife, Janet using 6,000 oak trees to imprint a giant heart-shaped meadow in the middle of his 112-acre farm in South Gloucestershire, England. In a sudden flash of inspiration to mark her legacy, Winston Howe hired a gardener and spent weeks planning and setting out each oak.
  7. Strangers Hoist Disabled Fan So He Can See Favorite Concert Two strangers became heroes at an Overland Park Blake Shelton concert last Saturday. Patrick Connelly’s wheelchair kept him from being able to actually see his favorite country singer perform at the outdoor show. In the sweltering summer heat his mom and sister tried to hold him up but he was too heavy for them. Then, suddenly two strangers come over.
  8. Teen Wins $10,000 Hero Award for Giving Fashion Makeovers to Deserving Girls
    A 16-year-old California girl wasn’t satisfied with the idea of underprivileged teen girls settling for wearing used clothing from a thrift shop. At an age when outward pressures can easily threaten a girl’s self esteem, she should be able to look her best and take pride in her appearance. That’s why Allyson created Threads for Teens, a clothing boutique confidence-booster.
  9. Teresa Project Update: 375 Cards Deliver Joy to Homebound Sister

    We received an update on the Teresa Project’s birthday card campaign. As of today, Teresa, whose brother sought to flood her mailbox with birthday cards this year, has received 375 cards and letters, along with gifts from all across Florida and Tennessee and two dozen other states, as well as Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Germany and The Netherlands.

  10. Student Cycles Across Canada to Support Taboo Topic
    Sean Jacklin, 21, is riding his bicycle coast to coast — 4,660 miles — in an effort to shine a light on a topic many people find difficult to talk about, raising awareness and funds for the hospice movement across Canada. As the second cyclist to organize a solo tour supporting end of life care, Sean knows it is hard to raise money for something no one likes to talk about.

Video of the Week: Best Prank Ever, Aussie Gent Wears Wig of Own Hair

Two and a half million people around the world have been laughing at an Australia man’s prank to trick his friends and family using a wig of his own hair.

(Watch as the Hair-larity Ensues)

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