Woman Confronts Thief Who Stole Her Wallet, Buys Him Groceries; Plus, Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

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Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Pizza Shop Delivers Medicines During Cold Snap
    With bitter cold temperatures keeping people indoors, a pizza shop owner in Ligonier, Pennsylvania offered to make deliveries of prescriptions and other essentials to the elderly or others with health challenges. Tom Wynkoop, the owner of Fox’s Pizza Den, decided that since there were so many elderly in the community that he would do everything he could to pick up prescriptions or food if people were in need. (WATCH)
  2. Couple Marks 66th Anniversary With $15 Waldorf Astoria Hotel Room
    Tony and Jo Fioravante will celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary today the same way they spent their wedding night, with a stay at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan — and the Park Avenue room will cost the couple just $15.75. Taking advantage of the hotel’s long-standing tradition, the Staten Island couple, who kept their original receipt from 1948, will pay the same rate this year, even though the room rates in 2014 start at $799.
  3. Woman Confronts Thief Who Stole Her Wallet — Buys Him Groceries

    An Oklahoma woman gained national attention in October for the compassion she showed toward a thief who stole her wallet in the grocery store. She gave the man an ultimatum: He could either give the wallet back to her and she would buy his groceries or she would take his picture and call the police.

  4. Parents Flock to Colorado for Cannabis that Cures Seizures
    After treatments by some of the country’s best neurologists and most powerful pharmaceuticals failed, hundreds of families whose children suffer with severe epilepsy are moving to Colorado to get marijuana oil, a miracle-like treatment that successfully improves catatonic kids.
  5. Ring Found in Frozen Pipes Returned in Time for 40th Anniversary
    An Illinois couple wrote a letter saying Hooray for ice storms after what they found while trying to protect their frozen pipes. Tara Catogge and her husband Ian found someone’s diamond and sapphire wedding ring while trying to clear the pipes in their kitchen sink last week. (WATCH)
  6. Disability Kept Him From Soccer Stardom, But His Own Animated Super Hero Turns Disease into Strength
    Aaron D’Errico always wanted to play soccer like his superstar dad who led the USA Men’s National soccer team, but since birth, his leg muscles have been damaged by disease. His determination to overcome, however, blossomed in his imagination where he visualized his victories through a comic soccer superhero named Ammon, The hero, Ammon, is a medical student with cerebral palsy who secretly dreams of being a soccer star, but during his search for a cure, he gains superpowers through a blend of science and spirit. Aaron himself has become an inspiring hero to Marvel comics icon Stan Lee, and may become a mentor to an upcoming artist thanks to his online contest offering $2,000 to an aspiring illustrator.
  7. Elderly Man Whose Wife Passed Surprises Couple on First Meal Out

    An older man named Lee had just lost his wife of 43 years but instead of crying in his entree, he looked around the restaurant on his first night dining out alone and became inspired by a young couple. He paid for their meal, scribbling a touching note on a napkin.

  8. 89 Genius Solutions To Simple Household Problems
    We featured a few of these kitchen life hacks to make your summer more productive and fun, but having seen a longer list recently in Viral Nova, I had to share. These photos document simple ways to solve 89 problems that may confront you around the house. (MUST SEE at Viral Nova)
  9. Detroit Snow Blowing Gang Looks for Elderly Needing Walks Cleared Over the past several summers, the ‘Mower Gang’ has volunteered to mow abandoned Detroit parks free of charge to help give kids a place to play. With winter here, the mower gang has traded in their lawnmowers for snow blowers. The problem for him is that all his neighbors have snow blowers, so he wants to find people disabled or elderly who need help clearing walkways and driveways. (WATCH)
  10. Teacher Donating a Kidney to Her Sick Student
    As fate would have it, she recently learned about a student at her high school who has been suffering with kidney disease, a student who shared her late aunt’s first name. A very clear voice said, ‘You’re going to give her a kidney.’"

Video of the Week: Hero is Jump Starting Cars Around Frigid Town for Free

His company usually sells cars in Moline, Illinois but this week they are resuscitating cars — and they’re doing it all over town for free, thanks to one employee who wants to do some good in the community. Brad McKorical, who works at 4th Ave Auto Sales, decided to post on Facebook asking if anyone needs a jump-start for their car. (WATCH this Angel in Action)

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