Great Reason for Plotting a Krispy Kreme Donut Heist; Plus, Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Homeless Couple Given Tiny Home On Christmas Eve
    For many couples, living together in a 96-square-foot house would be a challenge. But for Chris Derrick and Betty Ybarra, it was a Christmas miracle. That’s because the homeless couple will spend this Christmas in their own home, thanks to more than 50 volunteers who helped build them a tiny home.
  2. How a Trash Crew Fostered Boy’s Love of Garbage Trucks (WATCH)
    At the age of four, some boys love super heroes. Some love football. Some love both. Mycal Bickings of Levittown, Pennsylvania has only one passion — trash trucks — and your heart will melt when you see the relationship he has with the trash collectors who come to his home every Thursday. His father made a video in honor of the boy’s Buddies because the town hired a new waste company and last week’s was the last garbage pickup at Mycal’s house.
  3. New Portland Billboard’s Holiday Message: You Are Enough.
    The holidays can be stressful. For many, it’s a time that challenges their sense of self-worth. One Portland billboard offers an important reminder: You are enough. The third in a series of monthly positive messages on Portland billboards, the bright yellow placard proclaims, "You are enough".
  4. A Win-Win: Realtor Hires Panhandler to Hold a Different Sign
    A Denver businessman devised a new way to help the homeless, after his car ran out of gas on the corner where a lonely man daily holds a sign that says, ‘Homeless, Cold, and Hungry’. The man dropped his sign and helped push the car out of the intersection. Chris Rezac holds a different sign today, one that advertises realtor Joe Manzaneres’s business, and his life has changed because of the new and guaranteed income.
  5. A GNN Post Inspires 73 Shoeboxes Filled With Goodies for Homeless
    When a Nevada graphics manager saw a Good News Network post in November about a woman in Canada who runs a shoebox project for women in shelters, something in the article stuck with her. For a month she said, I kept reading it and thought, ‘Maybe I could do something similar.’ She decided to fill up as many shoeboxes for the homeless as she could — with a goal of filling 50 boxes for Christmas. Her friends got into it, too.
  6. Boy Shovels Snow for All His Elderly Neighbors
    A 10 year old Missouri boy has spent all the last month shoveling his driveway, and everyone else’s driveways. And he has not asked for any compensation. He has shoveled for more than a dozen of his neighbors because many of them are elderly and he doesn’t want them slipping and falling. The boy says more kids should get out of the house and do some good.
  7. Man Has Great Reason for Plotting a Krispy Kreme Donut Heist

    When 42-year-old Chris Rosati was diagnosed with ALS, he came up with an unusual plan to spread cheer: steal a Krispy Kreme truck and give away all the donuts. When Krispy Kreme heard about the plot after it was posted on social media, they did something awesome.

  8. Iowa Man Posing As Homeless, Hands Out Gifts
    A Des Moines businessman stood on an Iowa street corner in the freezing cold on Christmas Eve disguised as a homeless man. Anyone who rolled down their window to give him a donation received a surprise in a sealed envelope.
  9. Some Police Officers REALLY Care- Here’s a Photo of One in Texas This photo posted on Facebook shows an El Paso Police Officer helping out a homeless man in need during a recent snowstorm. Officer Jose Flores noticed that he needed shoes, he went into the store and bought him a brand new pair of snow boots, socks, and gloves. (MUST SEE)
  10. This Prank is a Blessing for Homeless Guys on Christmas Morn
    The holidays can be especially tough when you are living on the street. But not this year for a couple men sleeping on benches. Thanks to a couple of anonymous elves, the two woke up with a decorated Christmas tree next to them, complete with wrapped presents.

Video of the Week: BEST TV Ad Ever: Teen Absorbed by iPhone at Family Holiday – Or, Not?

Did you see the Apple iPhone commercial for Christmas, called Misunderstood? In the advertisement, a teenager looks like he is totally absorbed by his iPhone while ignoring his family during the holiday. But maybe he’s just misunderstood. (Is this YOUR Family? MUST SEE!)

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