Millions of Bells Ringing

Millions of Bells Ringing

By: Pancham Arora on Sep 25, 2013 | 

Mediation is the dance going on inside. The climax is very beautiful. Just like a young one has come out of womb. Just like baby bird has come out of the Egg. It takes time for the egg to hatch. Similarly , reaching the final chapter is not a One Day Job. The meditation was happening in my from my birth. In fact later I understood that it is called meditation.

Meditation is fall inside. Falling back to the originality. So many things come on the way. Confusion comes and many times questioning goes on continuously happening inside. Some times angerhappens as well. Thoughts run like traffic. The fight continuously happen. Again I would call it as a happening . There is no you kind of thing who is doing all this. It’s just a happening. Just like falling .

But when you settle deep down within yourself, you will feel as if thousands of Christmas bells are ringing inside. Just like Buddha is laughing inside .

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