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Webinar: Getting Along across Differences

October 11

Hardwiring Happiness with Rick Hanson

November 16

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Experimental Social Psychology Conference

September 26-28

Being Human

September 28

Barbara Fredrickson at UC Berkeley
October 18

Science & Nonduality
October 23-27

GGSC at Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas
October 25-26

CCARE: Compassion & Technology December 6

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Teal man in head 423px
Teal man in head 423px
September 2013
662.jpgThe brain is the organ that learns–it is designed to be changed by your experiences.

And in a new article, renowned author Rick Hanson explains how we can deliberately prolong and even create the experiences that shape our brains for the better–what Hanson calls "hardwiring happiness."

The article is adapted from Hanson’s new book, Hardwiring Happiness, which will be published on October 8. Preorder the book to receive a special gift: his presentation on "5 Great Ways to a Better Brain." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
RickHansonTo learn more about how to hardwire happiness into your brain, attend our live event with Dr. Hanson in November!

Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Lasting Inner Strength and Peace
With Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
When: November 16, 2013

Where: International House, UC Berkeley Campus

*Will be Webcast Live!*

This day-long GGSC seminar with neuropsychologist Rick Hanson will offer concrete, research-based strategies for using everyday positive experiences to develop lasting inner strength and resilience.

Six CE hours available.

GGSC members receive special discounts. Attend via live webcast from anywhere in the world!

Teaching Teens about the Brain
nullThrough a pioneering program, Vermont teacher Amir Flisher draws on scientific insights about the brain to help high school students make sense of their own minds and their place in the world.

In the process, he hopes to make adolescence a bit less painful and nurture the teens’ growth into healthy and happy adults.

Sleep Before You Bicker
663.jpg If you find yourself embroiled in late-night arguments with your romantic partner, it may that what you really need is some rest. In fact, research shows that sleep-deprived couples suffer more conflict than couples who are well-rested.
Introducing GGSC’s New Director
nullJoin us for a free members-only webinar with the GGSC’s new director, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton.

When: Friday, October 11 at Noon PT/3pm ET
Where: Register online

In this free, members-only webinar, Dr. Mendoza-Denton, the GGSC’s new director, will discuss his latest research findings on how people can form bonds across group lines. He’ll focus on the power of cross-group friendships to overcome racism, prejudice, and stigma.

Only Greater Good Science Center members will be able to log in for this special event. Become a member today!

Or see Mendoza-Denton October 25 at Uncharted: The Berkeley Ideas Festival, a new event that brings together leading thinkers for two days in downtown Berkeley. Speakers will also include Donald MacDonald, designer of the new Bay Bridge; UC Berkeley’s new Chancellor, Nicholas Dirks; economist Brad DeLong; and many more.

GGSC readers receive a 15% discount. Register now with code GreaterGood13.

Upcoming Events Co-Sponsored by the GGSC
Being Human 2013

When: September 28, 2013

Where: San Francisco, CA

609.png Being Human 2013 will provide a holistic view of human nature, informed by the fields of cognitive neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, genetics, anthropology, and philosophy.

Receive 10% off by using the code "GGSC2013" at checkout here.

Joshua Greene on Moral Tribes
When: November 12, 2013
Where: Berkeley, CA

null In his book, Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them, Greene offers a set of maxims for navigating the modern moral terrain, a practical road map for solving problems and living better lives. Moral Tribes shows us when to trust our instincts, when to reason, and how the right kind of reasoning can move us forward.

CCARE: Compassion & Technology Conference
When: December 6, 2013
Where: Stanford, CA

657.jpg This inaugural one-day conference will include talks by academic experts and tech industry leaders, as well as presentations by innovators, engineers, and designers who are competing as finalists in the Compassion and Technology Contest.

By Karah Pino

A versatile communicator, critical thinker and far sighted problem solver. Trained in creative thinking with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art including Metalwork, Multimedia Sculpture and Digital Design. Earned a clinical Master’s degree in East Asian Medical Practices and Principles such as holistic creativity and nature based systems. Trained in shamanism, trauma recovery, naturopathy and indigenous wisdom through Navajo Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis, learning the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process for wellness restoration and harmonious living.