Police Immediately Go Shopping for Crying Girl on First Day of School; Plus Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Police Immediately Go Shopping for Crying Girl on First Day of School
Two Phoenix police officers will be held forever in the heart of a young Latina girl who went home on her first day of school much richer than when she’d left.
Ex-con Becomes an Honorary Police Officer
<http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/images/stories/peopleunknown/Larry_Lawton_ex-gangland_turned_author.jpg>He was once considered one of the biggest jewel thieves in the United States. He spent 11 years in some of the nation’s toughest federal prisons, but on Friday Larry Lawton was sworn in as an honorary police officer — the first time in the nation an ex-con will receive such an honor. He has dedicated his life to keeping kids on a lawful path.
UPS Driver Saves Emaciated Great Dane
This past January, UPS Driver Gavin Crowsley was making a delivery on his Indiana route when he spotted a large breed, emaciated dog with no food, no water, no shelter, and tied to a short chain. "I could see every bone in his body, and I just couldn’t leave him there."
Stranger Finds Wedding Ring Hours After it was Lost in Ocean
Casey Brooks lost a virtual needle in a haystack this week after his oversized wedding band fell off in the Atlantic Ocean and no amount of sifting in the water could keep the waves from swallowing up the gold band. Miraculously, four hours later a woman with a metal detector volunteered to help and found the ring.
911 Call Saves Bride’s Day With Dress
A bride-to-be who was packing her car for her wedding, went back inside the house near Kent, Washington for another load and came out to find her wedding dress had been stolen. Candice, the dispatcher who answered the 911 call, sent an officer to the scene, but also offered to loan the bride her own bridal gown — and miraculously, it fit.
Sunbathers Browse for Books at This Beach Library
<http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/images/stories/recreation/beach_library_Albena_Bulgaria-unknown.jpg>On the sands of a Black Sea resort in Bulgaria, vacationers are encouraged to indulge in their favorite old-fashioned pastime: reading a book on the beach. The library’s stock of over 2,500 volumes in more than 10 languages is so far proving a hit, especially because all books on the shelves can be borrowed for free.
Across the Cultural Divide, a Life Saved in Jerusalem
In Jerusalem, a city too often divided among religious and nationalist lines, unusual heartwarming encounters do take place from time to time. An Israeli volunteer medic, who is also an Orthodox West Bank settler, was reunited Friday with the Arab from Jerusalem whom he saved in the Old City last week. (Times of Israel)
Walmart Employee’s Good Deed Restores Grateful Woman’s Faith
Paul Williams was rushing to catch a bus home after ending work at a California Wal-Mart when he made a startling discovery in the parking lot: a wallet containing $4,000 in cash and a $1,000 check. Meanwhile, wallet owner Lynn Andries had discovered what she’d lost while shopping in a rush, and had no faith that it would ever be returned.
23-Year Music Collection Heads to Hospital Burn Unit to Bring Relief
What can a guy do with 4,000 CDs? Help someone heal with music therapy. That’s what happened Tuesday when a former national retail music buyer, Brian Thompson, packed up his massive collection spanning 23 years of music from 1990 and sent it to Vancouver General Hospital. (Vancouver Sun)
50-year-old Message Found in a Jar on Jersey Shore
Dennis Komsa was 12 years old in 1963 when, while vacationing with family along the Jersey Shore, he wrote a note, put it in a glass jar and tossed it into the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn’t until after Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast last October, that the Ball mason jar was found when Norman Stanton combed through storm debris in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. (NBC)

Video of the Week: Watch These People Jumping to the Rescue of Animals

This collection of YouTube clips by Russian Alexandr Mish will give you a bit more hope that there is a lot of wonderful people who care for each other and even animals they’ve never seen before.

(Watch the video set to soaring music)


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