Good News of the Week: Sea Lion Pup Jumps on Boat, Cuddles With Driver

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Man Uses Turkey Baster to Save Baby
    A Michigan infant is alive today because a neighbor, quick thinking Bill Hogenson, leapt into action. "We heard one of the babysitters talking on the phone to 911 saying that the baby is purple and not breathing," Hogenson told KSN News. That’s when the man took off sprinting past the babysitter who yelled "she’s upstairs!".
  2. Turning Graffiti into a Public Art Education Program Philadelphia’s mural art project has changed the face of the city from grim and gloomy to colorful and cultural. As a bonus, the kids who have joined the program to paint the run-down walls of urban buildings have racked up a one-hundred percent record of graduating from high school. The program has also launched the careers of artists who’ve returned to teach the craft to other kids.
  3. 125,000 Masterworks Available for Free Reproduction by Anyone
    Many museums post their collections online, but the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has taken the unusual step of offering downloads of high-resolution images at no cost, encouraging the public to copy and transform its artworks into stationery, T-shirts, tattoos, plates or even toilet paper.
  4. Shoeshiner Donates $200K in Tips to Kids’ Hospital
    Despite his station in life, the man is a high-roller when it comes to philanthropy. For the past 36 years, Albert Lexie has taken every dime of his tip money from shining shoes and donated it to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh – more than $200,659 and counting.
  5. Young Immigrant in Wisconsin Changes Kids’ Fates in Nepal

    Born in Nepal, but moved to Wisconsin in 2000 to attend the University in Whitewater, Ojash Shrestha found his true calling when he returned home 8 years later to be married. While staying in his parents’ house, he met a young girl around 12 years-old who worked as a maid there because her family could not support her or afford to send her to school. After returning home he couldn’t get her face out of his mind, and right then decided to help children like Rita go to school.

  6. Sea Lion Pup Jumps on Boat, Cuddles With Driver (WATCH)
    While sailing off Newport Beach, California, James Gilkinson and his niece got the surprise of a lifetime when a sea lion cub jumped onto their boat. The young mammal seemed tired but also became quite affectionate, rubbing against the captain and angling for pats on the head for an hour or more, while the niece shot a sweet video. When they neared the port the man just stood up and said, ‘It’s time," and into the water it flopped
  7. Chalk and Blackboard $25; Making Friends With Neighbors… Priceless!
    When a new neighbor moved in and began writing messages on a chalkboard in his front window, the funny and inspiring messages about happiness, or finding a wife, made Ayden Byle the toast of his Toronto neighborhood.
  8. Boy Disowned for Being Gay Wins Bigger Family ‘Proves Himself’ on TV Jonathan Allen stunned the crowd after taking the stage in America’s Got Talent Tuesday. Hearing him tell his own story made the television audience cry, but when he opened his mouth to sing, he amazed the judges with a stunning rendition of Bocelli’s signature "Time To Say Goodbye."
  9. Google Rigs its Technology so Sick Boy Can Throw Ceremonial Pitch
    13-year-old Nick LeGrande has always dreamed of throwing out the first pitch at an Oakland Athletics baseball game. Now with a life-threatening illness and too sick to take the mound, Nick was granted his wish Wednesday night though the use of amazing Android technology.
  10. Amazing Hair Cut Melts 20 Years Off Tourists in New York (LOOK)
    Every Thursday, this makes me cry: After celebrity stylist Loius Licari scans the crowd outside the TODAY show at Rockefeller Plaza, he chooses two women who want a makeover. Watch as these new haircuts literally strip decades from the women’s faces.

Video of the Week: Director Thrills Hobbit Fans by Filming Actors’ Response to Teens’ YouTube Video

When the new trailer came out last week for the Hobbit sequel, The Desolation of Smaug, two fans decided to record their reactions to seeing it for the first time — complete with squeals and gasps of shock. Hobbit director Peter Jackson was so tickled by the girls’ reaction to his trailer that he showed superstar actor Orlando Bloom and his elvish co-stars — and then filmed it for YouTube! Thus was born a back-and-forth series of videos chocked full of adorable outbursts.


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