Pop-Up Adventure Play in the Central District June 1st 10am-5pm free to families!

Pop-Up Adventure Play has been described as a “flash mob play date”

Best characterized as child-directed play where children of all ages play with an abundance of loose parts (e.g. cardboard boxes, fabric, tape, string, etc.) with the support of playmakers who have been trained in community-based playwork by Team Pop-Up Adventure Play.

This event is free to families, sponsored by Play=PeaceSeattle Pop-up Adventure Play and Hopscotch CD. Adults are welcome to play with their kids or chat with other parents and playmakers while enjoying the 2 mile long hopscotch route.  We will be in front of Center Stone  722 18th Ave Seattle


 Pop-Up Adventure Play creates a place where children of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to recognize, explore, and express their natural play instincts with peers, parents, family members, and a community of supportive adults. A Pop-Up Adventure Playground or “Pop-Up” is a free, public celebration of child-directed play, “play that evolves when children choose what to play and make up their own rules for how to play – and translate it in ways that are easily ‘gettable’. We help make play easy and fun… as it should be.” – Anna Housley Juster, an early childhood consultant with popupadventureplay.org. While the children enjoy hours of play, parents and caregivers can join in or sit back and relax.

Contact Name: Mary Alice Long, PhD

Phone: 206/200-4542

Email: maryalice@playequalspeace.com

Meet the Seattle Pop-up-play team:
The Seattle Play=Peace Pop-Up Adventure Play team includes Lead Facilitator, creator of Play=Peace, and Play-based Jungian Therapist, Mary Alice Long, PhD joined by fellow play activists Artist & Meditation instructor Karah Pino, MAcOM, Child and Family Therapist, Tana Adams LICSW-A, Jessica Rowley Lord, Meghan Whitlock LMHCA, and Artist Marcia Ann Wiley to support and nurture the creativity and free play during the event.

By Karah Pino

A versatile communicator, critical thinker and far sighted problem solver. Trained in creative thinking with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art including Metalwork, Multimedia Sculpture and Digital Design. Earned a clinical Master’s degree in East Asian Medical Practices and Principles such as holistic creativity and nature based systems. Trained in shamanism, trauma recovery, naturopathy and indigenous wisdom through Navajo Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis, learning the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process for wellness restoration and harmonious living.