Principal Fires Security Guards to Hire Art Teachers and Transforms School; Plus, Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Muslim Bagel Business Owner Donates All Profits to Boston Charity

    An Egyptian Muslim who owns a bagel store in Winchester, Mass., says he will give 100-percent of the profits to the One Fund Boston — and he will keep it up until the last victim is out of the hospital.

  2. Giant Rubber Duck Floats in Hong Kong Harbor A Giant Rubber Duck entered Hong Kong’s harbor last week, part of a Dutch artist’s quest to spread joy around the world. (It usually involves giant creatures). Since 2008, Florentijn Hofman’s 50-foot-tall yellow floating toy has glided its way into San Paolo, Auckland, Sydney, Amsterdam and Osaka on a world tour. (WATCH)
  3. Another Child in Leukemia Trials Ecstatic Over "Total Remission"

    Avrey Walker is cancer free! A total remission! Her father announced it on their Facebook page last week. Avrey was the seventh child to receive an experimental leukemia therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the second whose response has resulted in a complete recovery. The family was overjoyed to report the good news after living for years with an aggressive form of childhood leukemia that was unresponsive to regular treatments.

  4. Students Create Robotic Locker Opener for Disabled Classmate

    Muscular dystrophy robbed Nick Torrance of his ability to walk and open his locker at school. Fortunately, Nick’s high school classmates cared enough to used their robotics ingenuity to create an automatic locker opener.

  5. Little Girl w/ Cancer Gets Surprise of a Lifetime From Prince Charming
    An 8-year-old girl with brain cancer found herself surrounded by a flashmob of love yesterday and it’s all thanks to a stranger who lost his daughter to the disease. He became Tara Sankner’s Prince Charming for a day, directing almost a thousand people to come line the streets and chant the name of their Princess Tara.
  6. Principal Fires Security Guards to Hire Art Teachers, Transforms School
    A school constructed in 2003 for children in Roxbury, Mass., was already mired in violence and failure when principal Andrew Bott showed up in 2010. He shocked a lot of people when he got rid of the security guards and reinvested that money into the arts. Soon everything at the K-8 school started to change.
  7. Cat Sniffs Out Breast Cancer, Saves Owner’s Life
    Esther Kacev’s cat Buddy, would not stop sniffing and trying to grab under her arm. After rescuing the stray cat several years ago, it was Esther’s turn to be saved. The woman from Western Australia had read about the ability of some animals to sniff out cancer — and she had canceled her last several mammogram appointments — so she scheduled a trip to get the area checked.
  8. High School Prom King Gives up Crown to Least Popular Kid
    Tyrell Clay, the football quarterback, is the most popular boy at Miller High School in Corpus Christi, Texas. Adam, on the other hand, has been picked on and called names – and was nominated to the prom court as a joke. What Tyrell did that night on stage surprised everyone — especially Adam, who can now walk down the hallways with his head held high.
  9. Hospitals In Boston And Texas Exchange Gifts After Recent Tragedies
    A surprising trend is putting smiles on the faces of medical workers who are still coping with the aftermath of last week’s twin tragedies in Boston and Texas, and it started with kindness sent from North Carolina
  10. Endangered Green Sea Turtles Make Comeback
    In one of nature’s best comeback stories, endangered green sea turtles have multiplied in Florida during the past two decades and are now thriving in protected waters. Reported nests have increased more than sixfold since 1990. (Sun-Sentinel)

Video of the Week: One Man’s Quest to Make a City Smile

A man has made it his mission to make Washington, D.C. smile — especially on Monday mornings. This 5-minute won the 2013 Pendragwn Youth Film Festival’s Grand Prize Award.

(Watch how he spend his time)

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