Six Amazing Ways People Helped in Boston Tragedy; Plus, Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

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Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Six Thoughtful Ways People Helped in Boston Marathon Tragedy
    Mr. Rogers offered a famous answer to the question of what to tell children when scary things happen on the news. It holds true for all of us if we want to learn about what happened in Boston yesterday: Look for the helpers. We can always focus on the actions of the helpers, if we want to feel better.
  2. Harvard Students Take Time to Thank the Janitors (w/Video) The Harvard Business School took some time last week to show their gratitude for all the work that goes into the MBA experience. The Give Thanks project involved faculty and students being kind to the staff who works so hard every day. The school made plans to deliver more than 900 personally written thank-you notes, as well as bringing coffee and bagels to the staff’s break room.
  3. Goodbye Fluorescent Lights: Super Efficient LED Tubes Unveiled The horrid green fluorescent lamps in offices and schools could be a thing of the past. Lighting company Philips has developed an LED lamp that it describes as the world’s most energy-efficient — twice as efficient as those currently used in offices and industry around the world.
  4. Stories of Kindness After the Bombing

    From the smoke in Boston Monday heartening stories arose of kindness emerging from tragedy: people on Twitter urging others to note the people who run towards the explosions, not a way from them; stories of heroism from runners. (Atlantic Wire)

  5. Soldier’s Rescue of Orphan Leads to Reunion 40 years in the Making
    Kimberly Mitchell’s life story has always been missing a few important pages — like how she ended up in an orphanage in 1970’s Vietnam with war raging. She finally knows the story and got to thank the soldier who rescued and named her in 1972.
  6. Cast-Out Boy in New School Becomes Beloved as ‘The Doorman’
    Bullied every day for years because of his lisp, Josh moved to London, Ontario, in 2011. Determined not to be put in a box by his new classmates, the remarkable young man dramatically changed the trajectory of his life with one small idea: he would hold open the door at school each day. He held the door open for hundreds of teenagers that first morning – and every morning since. At first they didn’t know what to make of the stranger, but then, something happened.
  7. Photo of Loyal Dog Waiting in Deceased Dad’s Truck Touches Hearts A photo posted on Reddit has gone viral for its depiction of a loyal dog waiting for their deceased dad on the driver’s seat of his tow-truck. The photo caption says their father died in June, but the dog still waits for him every day in the vehicle he used to drive.
  8. Proof in the Profits: America’s Happiest Companies Make More Money

    Every year a new edition of the "100 Best Companies To Work For" is released. These are the companies that go out of their way to keep their employees happy in their jobs. But is there a direct connection between having happy workers and a company making more money? One person who may have the answer is Jerome Dodson, the founder of Parnassus Investments, which created a mutual fund that invests exclusively in large American firms proven to have outstanding workplaces. (Fast Company)

  9. 500 Colleges With ‘RecycleMania’ Divert 90 Million lbs From Landfills

    Recycling rivalries added another level of "madness" to March this year, as 523 schools competed in the RecycleMania Tournament, harnessing the competitive spirit to increase campus recycling and waste reduction. In one month, the schools collectively recovered 90.3 million pounds of recyclables.

  10. Former Microsoft Exec Finds Joy Boosting Literacy Instead of Profits

    Since leaving his job as Microsoft’s China business development director in 1999 and dedicating his life to improving global literacy, New York-based John Wood has put books in the hands of more than 7.8 million children in 10 countries in Asia and Africa.

Video of the Week:
College Athletes Hand the Football to Boy With Cancer

To the Nebraska college football team and fans, this play was truly one of your finest moments the school has ever seen. Little Jack Hoffman, who has cancer, led a very special Husker play into the end zone with the ball.

(Watch the heartwarming video!)

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