Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Possible Leukemia Cure Major Medical Breakthrough for Patients
    A treatment that genetically alters a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer has, for the first time, produced remissions in adults with an acute leukemia that is usually lethal, researchers are reporting. All the patients went into remission. In one patient who was severely ill, all traces of leukemia vanished in eight days.
  2. The Gangsta Gardener of South Central L.A. A Los Angeles-based fashion designer is starting an urban garden revolution in his neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. Instead of vacant lots — the city owns miles and miles of these in LA county — Ron Finley wants to help residents to plant a million tomato plants. He is co-founder of LA Green Grounds, a company that plants gardens at low-income homes as a part of a recovery system to transform neighborhoods.
  3. Cop Wins Hearts as Photo of His Rainy Day Good Deed Spreads A North Carolina policeman is winning kudos for stopping on a rainy cold day to pick up a mom who was braving the weather to push her toddler on the sidewalk. A photo
  4. 30 Pizzas Delivered to Passengers on Stranded Delta Flight

    Bad weather in Atlanta forced a flight to end up on a tarmac for three hours after major delays, but the passengers had a great story to tell with some happy memories thanks to a compassionate Delta flight crew. Thirty pizzas were delivered to the stalled airplane in Knoxville — both cheese and pepperoni — to make the wait a little more bearable.

  5. Homeless Man Who Returned Ring Gets Surprise Reunion with Family

    Billy Ray Harris, the Missouri homeless man who returned the engagement ring dropped in his donation cup by mistake, now has a part-time job, new friends, and tens of thousands of dollars that were donated by admirers. But, he says the best part is reconnecting with his beloved sisters, which happened during the TODAY show when they surprised him on air.

  6. Lost Dog Reunited After 2 Years And 700 Miles (WATCH)
    When Alma Dominguez’s beloved dog, Leia, went missing from El Paso, Texas, during a rainstorm, Alma and her husband, Alberto, were devastated. The couple searched for their lost dog for more than two years, and had almost given up hope of ever finding her. Then a phone call changed everything. The dog heard a very familiar voice on the line and began whimpering.
  7. Israel Loves Iran: The Facebook Campaign Launches Love Avalanche Barack Obama talked a lot about peace during his recent trip to Israel. Meanwhile, social networks are actually creating it. As drums of war between Israel and Iran grew louder, Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry last year decided to make a poster of himself and his daughter with a bold message: Iranians … we love you. He shared it on Facebook and overnight dozens of Israelis clamored to create their own posters with the same message. Then, Iranians responded in kind.
  8. New York City Pay Phones Get 21st Century Makeover
    You can still see more than 10,000 coin-operated phones around New York City today. What seems a relic of the past in this age of mobile technology, became a vital link in an emergency for those who had no power to charge their devices during Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bloomberg launched a design contest to reinvent the lowly payphone and bring it into the 21st Century.
  9. Good Karma Update: Teen Basketball Player Rewarded w/ Scholarship

    CBS shared an update to Steve Hartman’s story about the El Paso high school basketball game last month, in which a player threw the ball in the final seconds to a developmentally challenged boy, who was the manager on the opposing team, allowing him to score. The chancellor of Texas Tech called the generous player and offered him a university scholarship. (El Paso Times)

  10. 42 Small Acts of Kindness that Will Make You an Everyday Hero

    How great is it that our small acts of kindness can make someone else’s entire day? Here are 42 good deeds and small acts of kindness that can help you feel amazing. (Brad Aronson’s blog)

Video of the Week: Inspired by Sister’s Death, She Helps Young Cancer Patients Make Films

Angelight Films is a non-profit production company that gives children with brain and spinal cord tumors the opportunity to express themselves by creating and even starring in their own short film. Inspired by her sister who died of a brain tumor at age 5, Stephanie Angel founded Angelight Films as a creative outlet that helps children heal and recognize their inner light. (Watch the beautiful film clips)

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