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Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Janitor Turns in Lost iPad and $13,000, Then Gives Away Reward
    A janitor at a Florida airport found an iPad with $13,000 stuffed in its case, and immediately turned it in. Then, after getting a $60 reward, he gave that away to two people he knows at the airport who are in need. But the honesty and kindness paid off when the father of four was honored by his company with a ceremony and a check for $625.00. (Watch)
  2. Man With One Tooth, Lifetime of Giving, Receives New Smile for Free The Brighton Implant Clinic recently began offering free dental treatment to patients who have exceptional circumstances and are unable to afford treatment. Of the dozens treated, David Bryant who works with blind war veterans, is perhaps the most inspiring. Inundated with stories, the UK dentists agreed that Mr. Bryant’s caught their eye. (Video)
  3. Incredible Journey for Lost Cat Who Walked 190 Miles Home The last time they saw their 4-year-old tortoiseshell cat Holly, she bolted out of their motor home at the Daytona speedway on Nov. 4, apparently frightened by fireworks. For days, the distraught couple searched for Holly, putting up flyers. Then, two months later the cat appeared, emaciated and weak, on the lawn of a neighbor just one mile away from her home. (Video)
  4. Tucson’s Ben’s Bells Hangs 1000 Chimes Around Newtown

    A project that hangs small wind chimes with bells is becoming a healing remedy for grieving communities following mass shootings. An Arizona mom in mourning started Ben’s Bells, which was embraced by the Tucson community following the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and 13 others. Hundreds of volunteers painted and hung the ceramic chimes from random branches throughout the city. Last week the project traveled to Newtown, Conn. with 1,000 bells to hang for a community similarly in need of smiles.

  5. Sheep Dogs Protect Endangered Island Penguins
    On an Australian island, after the population of penguins dropped to fewer than 10 birds, an environmental science student working part-time at a free-range egg farm, suggested placing Maremma sheepdogs — the same dogs his employer used to guard the chickens — as protection to guard the penguin against the red fox. And it worked. (MNN)
  6. Spider-Man Window Washers Surprise Kids at Children’s Hospital
    Dozens of children got a big surprise when window washers dressed as Spider-Man descended on the outside of All Children’s Hospital in Florida on Thursday. The workers from Clearwater’s High Rise Window Cleaners made several trips from the top of the building to the ground, washing windows and waving at patients. (Watch)
  7. Hair Transplant Doctor Revives Dead Boy After 3 Min. of No Breathing
    An 11-year-old boy, who had died in his mother’s back seat on the way to the hospital after an asthma attack, was revived on the side of the road after several minutes during which a hair transplant doctor did not give up on resuscitation efforts. Strangers prayed alongside the 32-year-old doctor who had never actually done chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing – except on dummies in medical school. (OC Register)
  8. Australia University Develops "World’s First" Positive-Centered Dorms

    About 550 University of Wollongong students will have their well-being – as well as their academic performance – catered to when they move into the world’s first positive residence this year. The $40 million, five-story residence with 360 beds will be managed, organized and led using the principles of positive psychology — like gratitude, resilience and strengths. (Mercury)

  9. Feared Somali Pirate Retires as Hijackings Plummet to 5-Year Low
    After eight years, one of the most notorious Somali pirates is calling it quits. In fact, the king-pin pirate called a press conference to announce his resignation. Apparently, the pirate business is not as lucrative these days and security on boats is so heightened that it has become too difficult to seize most vessels. (Wired)
  10. Antifreeze Manufacturers to Add Bitter Flavoring so Animals Won’t Lick

    Antifreeze and engine coolant manufacturers who sell products in the U.S. must now add a bitter flavor agent to prevent animals and children from being poisoned by the sweet-tasting liquid. Previously enacted in 17 states, the industry will now voluntarily add the bitter taste to all coolant products sold across 50 states.

Video of the Week: Tears of Joy as Retired Couple Returns to Find New Home

Retired grandparents Jeanne and Burt Metz lost their home when Superstorm Sandy hit Breezy Point, New York. A volunteer organization told the couple that their floors and walls would be rebuilt – but little did the Metz family know that hundreds of people were working to resurrect their entire house.

(Watch the Surprise!)

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