Jan 26th Kirtan Meditation Chant on Phinny Ridge

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“2012 brought us an unparalleled opportunity to lighten our karmic load.

We have now entered the Age of Aquarius. In many parts of the world January is the coldest, darkest and most brutal month. In the animal kingdom it is a time to “sink or swim”. Transformation begins on a subtle level, behind the scenes, often in the darkest of times. To face our inner demons and self imposed limitations, and overcome them, is the most difficult stage of our spiritual development. January is a month of beginnings and transitions, and it’s full moon is known amongst Native Americans as the Wolf Moon. Discipline, endurance, and resourcefulness are key characteristics of the wolf, as (s)he often thrives during this challenging month. This Wolf Moon reminds us that what may seem impossible and bleak right now is in fact an invitation for growth and an opportunity to accept the light of our infinite spiritual power for projection and prosperity. Prayer and meditation on the night of the full moon provides us with peak clarity, intuition, and courage to face ourselves. Join us and claim “victory” over the chill of your life.

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”
~ Yogi Bhajan

By Karah Pino

A versatile communicator, critical thinker and far sighted problem solver. Trained in creative thinking with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art including Metalwork, Multimedia Sculpture and Digital Design. Earned a clinical Master’s degree in East Asian Medical Practices and Principles such as holistic creativity and nature based systems. Trained in shamanism, trauma recovery, naturopathy and indigenous wisdom through Navajo Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis, learning the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process for wellness restoration and harmonious living.

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