Marines Carry Boy Across Finish Line After Prosthetic Leg Breaks; Plus, The Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Marines Carry Boy Across Finish Line After Prosthetic Leg Breaks

    While running the last mile of a youth triathlon Sunday, Ben Baltz’s prosthetic leg broke and the 11-year-old went down. That’s when a group of Marines stepped in and carried him the rest of the way. More than a few people crying as they crossed the finish line.

  2. Amazing Street Art That Fools the Eye Whether using chalk outside on the sidewalks, or paint indoors, as in the room pictured here with alligators, Nikolaj Arndt, a Russian-born artist knows how to fool the eye with his trumpe l’oeil images. In just three years Arndt has become a master of the art of illusion, often depicting wild animals on city sidewalks with 3-D murals. His art can make you think the Earth has just opened up before your eyes.
  3. Adopted Dog Pays Owners Back by Saving Baby
    A recently adopted dog saved a nine-month old infant who had stopped breathing last Sunday. The dog, named Duke, jumped into bed to wake them after sensing the daughter not breathing in her crib.
  4. Orphaned Elephants Find New Family

    A woman is saving the orphan calves of African elephants illegally hunted to satisfy the ivory trade in Asia. The 900-pound toddlers crave a mother’s nurturing but have been left motherless by poachers.

  5. Peace Pact With Muslim Insurgents Brings Hope in the Philippines
    A recently announced agreement between the Philippine government and Muslim rebels waging a decades-old insurgency in the southern island of Mindanao paves the way for the establishment of a new autonomous region, more access for humanitarians to conflict-affected areas and an end to the cycle of failed peace deals and displacements.
  6. Facebook Post Rescues MS Patient From a Year of Lack

    Friends answered the call on a sister’s Facebook page to re-fill the heart of a woman with severe Multiple Sclerosis. They supplied things that most people would take for granted. What started as a dismal situation turned into a heart-warming campaign that spread across the social network like a friendly virus.

  7. Surprise! U.S. Economy Improving Better Than Anyone Expected
    The economy is improving more than professional forecasters anticipated. It isn’t only the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics that is issuing surprisingly good news about the U.S. economy these days… It’s also auto dealers, real estate agents, the Federal Reserve and corporate America’s 96-year-old Conference Board. (Bloomberg)
  8. Ethiopian Las Vegas Cab Driver Returns $220,000 To Passenger
    Adam Woldemarim, a 42-year-old Ethiopian cabbie, did a huge favor for someone who won a lot of money in Vegas: He took a bag stuffed with $221,000 and turned it in to security. Upon getting his money back, a young man, 30, gave Adam a big hug and a tip of $2,000. (USA Today)
  9. Man Shaves Head to Support Wife, Luckily Finds His Own Cancer

    When Dolly Stringer was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, she decided to shave her head before beginning her chemotherapy. Now, the woman, who lives in Georgia, believes she got cancer for a reason: to save her husband’s life. (ABC News)

  10. After Saving 2 Girls But Losing Snout, Hero Dog Flies to US for Surgery

    A Philippine dog became a national hero after he sacrificed himself for two girls who were about to be run over. His snout took the brunt of the force and horrific injuries have left him without a top jaw. Kabang arrived in the US to receive groundbreaking surgery after a website raised the $20,000 needed for her flight and care. (Video)

Video of the Week: Man and Goose Form Unlikely Friendship

They walk around the park together like they’re in love, reports Steve Hartman. It all started when a gray goose named Maria started following Dominic every time he went to his local Los Angeles park. (A romantic-comedy in the park!)

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