Good News: Looking at Cute Images Improves Concentration, Says New Study; Plus, Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week!

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Teen Cancer Survivor Wins Lottery, Plans to Pay It Forward
    Nick Ruth has been playing the Lottery for about a year, and last week he won $250,000. In remission from leukemia for seven years, he said: "As a cancer survivor, it is really important for me to give back. I want to ‘pay forward’ what some wonderful local organizations did for me."
  2. Study Finds Looking at Cute Images Improves Concentration
    Businesses might want to allow employees a five-minute tour of kitten videos on YouTube now that a new study released by Japanese scientists has reported added benefits to looking at cute images. Beyond just feeling warm and fuzzy, the mere sight of adorable puppies and kittens can improve our concentration, according to the research from Hiroshima University.
  3. Another Town Helps Student Overcome Homecoming Prank
    A high school freshman could hardly believe she landed a nomination to the homecoming court for the big fall dance. She had expected a more popular girl would be picked. Later she learned the votes had been a prank. But she decided not to back down. As news of the cruelty spread, the school, family members, and the community rallied around her.
  4. Start-Up Wins $630,000 for Making Bio-Plastic Out of Greenhouse Gas

    A young start-up called Mango Materials has won a Green Challenge prize of $630,000 for its plan to use bacteria to turn the most abundant organic compound on earth, methane, into a biodegradable material that would be a low cost substitute for plastic.

  5. Baseball Gives Second Chance to Player Hit in Head Seven Years Ago
    A major league baseball player hit in the head the very first time he came to bat, who never got a chance to take a pitch, will get a second chance thanks to the very team whose pitcher decked him.
  6. Quadriplegic Since High School, Now a Thriving Painter Inspires Others

    Robert Thome’s dream of becoming a professional athlete was shattered when he broke his neck in a high school football game. As a teen quadriplegic, he thought his life was over until in rehabilitation he learned how to use his mouth to actively pursue his second-favorite subject, art. At age 30, he became a member of a global for-profit co-op that allows him to live independently as a thriving artist. (GNN video)

  7. Photo Touches Millions, Raises $25K to Prolong Life of Old Arthritic Dog
    A powerful photo of an arthritic 19-year-old dog being cradled in his father’s arms in the warm waters of Lake Superior led to unsolicited donations from people who wanted to help pay for the dog’s care. Before the photo swept across the web, he didn’t have money to pay extensive veterinary bills. Now, he has started a foundation to help other low-income dog owners.
  8. Sikh Woman Turns Cyber Bullying Incident into Inspiration
    After someone snapped a photo of her and posted it on online, Balpreet Kaur was ridiculed for following the tenets of her Sikh faith. But instead of hiding or lashing out, she politely posted a reply–and turned a bullying situation into a inspiring example of tolerance, support, and inspiration. (Yahoo News)
  9. Crow Nursed Back to Health Becomes Part of the Family (Video)

    This past spring, an Ottawa family found an injured baby bird in the grass near a bike path and took it home to nurse it back to health. Now fully grown, Walter the crow is free to fly away, but he thinks he is part of the family.

  10. Man, 70, Waves Huge Flag on Rooftop for Every Cruise Ship in Port
    Every time a cruise liner sails in or out of the Grand Harbour, a solitary figure appears perched high upon a roof ledge cheerily waving a Maltese flag to welcome or bid the passengers farewell. The 70-year-old knows the cruise ships’ schedule by heart, saying, "I feel as if I’m contributing to my home country in my own little way." (Malta Times w/photos)

Video of the Week: Toy Train Car Launched into Space by Boy and his Dad

Inspired by a video showing a Lego man launched into the stratosphere by teens using a weather balloon, a California dad (and animation specialist) decided to launch his son’s toy 18 miles high using the same procedure. Last month they documented the liftoff of the boy’s favorite train "Stanley" into space in a highly entertaining video. (Happy Toy Launched and Found)

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