Meditation in the news: PTSD, Loneliness, Inflammation and Stress of Youth Violence

Mindfulness Meditation Helps Seniors Relieve Loneliness
Now, new research from UCLA scientists reveals that a simple eight-week meditation program may be all this is needed to reduce loneliness in older adults. Moreover, researchers discovered that mindfulness meditation also reduces the expression of
A Quickie…Meditation, That is
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Meditation is one of many techniques that can be used in stress management. A person who is riddled with problems often finds it hard to focus. This lack of focus often leads to more problems cropping up because of mistakes. Meditation techniques can

Business 2 Community
Yoga, deep breathing used to address soldiers’ post-traumatic stress
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
This week, another group of veterans is at UW’s Center for Investigating Healthy Minds learning meditation, deep breathing and Sudarshan Kriya Yoga techniques. Before the 10 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans started the weeklong course this week, they
Meditation Reduces Loneliness and Expression of Inflammatory
By Staff
Researchers at UCLA now report that a simple meditation program lasting just eight weeks reduced loneliness in older adults. Further, knowing that loneliness is associated with an increase in the activity of inflammation-related genes that can
Meditation May Reduce Loneliness and Disease Risk – Medical Daily
A meditation technique may reduce loneliness, chronic inflammation and risk of disease in seniors, according to a new study.
Hay House – Daily Meditations – August 12, 2012 – Heal Your Life
Direct your mind inward and allow it to contemplate its primary quality, which is simply knowing, being aware. This faculty of awareness-which is mindfulness in…/hay…/hay-house-daily-meditations
Transcendental Meditation: A cure for the stresses of youth violence?
Youth violence is a big and complex problem, especially in Philadelphia. Can an initiative that…


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