Top 10 Good News of the Week: Dude Spends Summer Traveling the World Doing Favors for Strangers

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Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Dog Rescue at 14,000 Feet
    A Colorado couple hiking up a 14,000 foot mountain along rough terrain happened upon a German shepherd, dehydrated, hungry and alone and although they couldn’t coax the injured animal to walk with them, their posting on a hiking website galvanized volunteers from at least 5 social websites to hike back up with supplies to rescue the heavy dog and carry her to safety.
  2. Dude Spends Summer Traveling the World Doing Favors for Strangers An American college graduate decided to travel around the world using a family member’s free airline miles, but the grateful 22-year-old wanted to give back in return for his good fortune. He posted a message on a social media bulletin board asking strangers how he could help. 300 requests came in from people all across the globe.
  3. Businessman’s Product Sample Saves Vet in Freak Accident at Airport
    An 82-year-old veteran from Cary, N.C. traveling through O’hare Airport had no idea he was about to fall, literally, in a life-threatening accident involving his luggage and an escalator. A traveling salesman who happened to be in the right place at the right time potentially saved his life with product samples that can stop severe bleeding.
  4. Elderly Man Starts Painting his Run-down Town, Strangers Join in

    He was so sad after losing his wife last year that he needed to find something to do. He decided to spruce up his community — by painting everything in sight. Well, the idea has really caught on. The small town of Glouster, Ohio, once peeling – and unappealing – now glistens, with neighbors helping out for free.

  5. Treasured Rings Flushed but Dedicated Sanitation Crew Digs Deep
    After accidentally flushing them down the toilet, a sewer crew of devoted city workers went out of their way to help a Colorado woman recover a pair of valuable diamond rings that were an 18th birthday gift from her late father, worth $10,000.
  6. One Man, One Dog, and the Facebook Photo That Touched Thousands
    19-year-old Schoep is cradled in his father’s arms in the warm waters of Lake Superior every night, where the buoyancy of the water soothes his aching arthritic body. The man’s friend is a professional photographer who took this photo during one of their therapeutic evening swims. She posted it on Facebook and it went wildly viral, with thousands sharing it and 21,936 comments.
  7. Mystery Woman Picks Up Lunch Tab For Everyone in Denny’s Diner
    A lunchtime diner at Denny’s decided she wanted to pay everyone’s bill in the restaurant — but under one condition, that she remain anonymous. People thought we were joking, a waitress told KCRA. She didn’t want anybody to know she paid, and then she left.
  8. Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Surprises Customer On Her Birthday
    A user of the popular website, Reddit, posted that she received a special birthday surprise from her pizza deliveryman after ordering the food online.
  9. India Gives Another 50,000 Houses to Urban Poor

    192 women and their families were given new apartments as part of a 7-year urban renewal project that has constructed tens of thousands of homes for poor families living in leaky, crowded huts.

  10. Flickr Users Discover New Species of Insect

    A photographer in Malaysia who specializes in macro photography was hiking in a state park when he came across a lovely green lacewing. He posted the photos on the Web. When a scientist came across them, he realized it was an entirely new species. The discovery of "Semachrysa jade," named by the two men, has been described as a triumph of citizen science, surging amid the advent of digital cameras, the internet and social media. (Wikipedia)

Video of the Week: Hillary Steps Out, Dancing in Johannesburg

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got her groove on in South Africa last week, dancing at a party in Johannesburg, as the crowd of attendees cheered along with the country’s foreign minister who hosted the dinner. (Happy, Happy Government Leaders)

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