Meditation news: Russel Brand, how do you stay so happy-go-lucky?

For Russell Brand, meditation puts life in perspective
Los Angeles Times
Russell Brand , how do you stay so happy-go-lucky?
The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have: Meditation
Meditation enables us to stop trying, to let go of the story, the dramas, our stressed mind, and to discover an inner easefulness, a sense of coming home,
Meditating without making any effort
Meditation is a simple and transformative activity (or non-activity) that makes us feel at home with ourselves.
Free 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra
Elevated Existence Magazine (blog)
The Chopra Center is launching another free 21-day meditation challenge starting Monday, July 16, and the theme is “Free to love.”
NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile: Full Review
LAPTOP Magazine
This mind-powered headset can perform numerous tasks when connected to compatible applications, from keeping a meditation journal built on brain waves to playing a movie. NeuroSky hopes to create a brand-new way to interact with the computer, but will
Watch Sigur Ros – “Rembihnútur” (video)
Arni and Kinski said this about the video: "for the last twelve years meditation has been a way of life for us. going within, releasing emotions, moving through negativity, judgment, discouragement, and the fears that are so often in the mind. being

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