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How I can help you develop your web presence

Maze memeI graduated with a degree in Art in 1998 with some experience in Graphic Design and just a beginning knowledge about how to use the internet.  In my last year of school I began to do photo and video editing  and learned on a steep curve how to use the technology.

In 1999, I partnered with a filmmaker and video editor who also was the Website Designer for a start up company.  With that experience, I started my first website to sell custom jewelry and creative designs in 2002.  The hardest part was learning how to translate my visual aesthetics into an HTML website!

I had a Custom Design website for several years before I went to graduate school to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  In the 6 years I was in grad school for this clinical degree the world of websites changed dramatically!  When I went to start a new website, I began my learning anew  with wordpress.  By 2008, I was ready to start a Collaborative Holistic Healing Practice with a group of practitioners and I tested my skills on our new website.

Since then, I have continued to develop my skills in Web Design, managing my own blog on meditation and creative stress reduction for patients and meditation students.  I also manage multiple Facebook business pages and Facebook Community groups with thousands of contributors.  I also manage a LinkedIn group Wellness and Holistic Health Network with over 4000 practitioner members.

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