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Mama,  Artist, Meditator, Teacher.

Karah Pino, MAcOM earned a master’s degree studying Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Shiatsu massage and QiGong meditation.  She has been teaching meditation at the University of Washington since 2009 through the Experimental College while starting a holistic healing collective using consent based decision making.

She continued to teach meditation while staying at home with her toddler.  Finding time to fit in meditation with a little one around has been a challenge to her practice, but she has found that the benefits of meditation make maintaining a practice all the more important with a busy family life.  

The resulting course “Unwind your Mind” has been structured to be a very basic introduction to the physiology of stress and how meditation can neutralize the impacts of stress on our body, mind and emotions.  The class includes an introduction and practice of techniques from the four basic branches of meditation: visualization, sound, movement and mindfulness.

A research study from this past summer by researchers from San Francisco State University report that by finding a form of meditation that works for them, people are less likely to quit. Once you decide what kind of meditation you enjoy, you will be able to find local and global resources available for you to continue your own exploration and deepen your practice. 

The Unwind your Mind CD was recorded in 2012 for students to take the teaching home with them and to make the course more accessible to others.  Meditation as “Unwinding the Mind”

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