Consent Based Decision Making

Use the model of Dynamic Governance to experience amazing results:

Harness the group mind to

solve problems,

create community and

build business.

When setting up a holistic healing center, Dragonfly Holistic Healing, in 2009 I was introduced Dynamic Governance (also known as sociocracy), a consent based facilitation method.  Sociocracy has the amazing process of harnessing the Group Mind to creatively solve problems.  I have been able to apply this method to help other holistic healing partnerships.

I continued my training as a DG facilitator with another Holistic Wellness center and was invited to facilitate the Occupy Seattle Nonviolence Group, the Trans-partisan Alliance and other local community groups who are collaborating to create better social and political models.

Learn more about Dynamic Self Governance at Governance Alive

“Within a company’s existing functional structure, this unique system “rewires” decision-making to activate deep organizational intelligence and creativity.”

The name “dynamic self-governance” stems from the method’s roots in system dynamics and the science of steering and control (cybernetics). The methodology ingeniously couples decision-making and organizational steering to all the human and data feedback in the system. This way of steering optimizes organizational responsiveness to both internal and external pressures while simultaneously providing security and stability.

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