Karah Pino, MAcOM

About Karah

I’m a versatile communicator and far sighted problem solver. I design graphics and websites, edit and publish wellness and personal development content, and manage marketing campaigns  through social media, E-News and blogs. I also facilitate strategic planning using creative solutions process and create corporate wellness educational curriculum.

I am a trained facilitator in collaborative solutions processes to creating win-win strategies and buy-in for community groups and professional teams. I have experience orchestrating professional networking opportunities and trainings both locally and nationally. I look forward to developing a project solutions wellness campaign for your business!

I manage my own blog on meditation and creative stress reduction, manage multiple Facebook business pages and groups with thousands of contributors. I also manage the LinkedIn group Wellness and Holistic Health Network with over 3000 members.

 I strive to utilize the Internet and the tools of social media as a way of affirming the principles of holistic thinking to a modern, technology-driven culture. My aim as a WordPress Website Designer and Social Media manager is to leverage the internet and social connectivity in ways that benefit integrity oriented businesses through the expression of humanistic ideals of peace, love and harmony with nature.

As part of my own personal development, I am an exhibiting conceptual artist and teaching artist specializing in paper, ephemera, and performance art showcasing meditation as an art-form. I have been teaching Origami: The Art of Mathematics to elementary aged children since 2001 and have developed a curriculum of hands-on activities to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through the creative arts.

Since 2009, I have taught a 3 hour meditation course opening the creative mind and balancing the left and right brain as part of University of Washington Experimental College course offerings for students, graduate students, staff, faculty and the general public.

Karah on Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karahpino

Karah on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/peaceisinpieces

Karah on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/karahpino/

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  1. Hi there, I really like the way you have set up your blog! Very interesting also what you have for kids! Will be following you… am not particularly good at origami but will definitely try it out with my kids :-) Jenny

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